Telltale Signs of a Possible Mice Infestation in Your Home

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During the fall season, mice seek shelter, warmth, and food in homes and business premises. While you may see nothing wrong after catching a single mouse, you need to employ the right measures in place to prevent a future infestation of rodents in your space.

If you know how long do mice live, then you can attest to the sheer fact that these intelligent four-legged creatures can end up turning your life into a living hell in their small lifetime.But how do you know for sure that you no longer have rodents inside or outside your home? 

Here are top mouse infestation signs to watch out for and prevent the problem from escalating further.

Mouse Droppings

Before calling a pest control service provider to help you get rid of mice in your house, be sure to confirm their presence. Amongst the easiest ways to tell if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation or not is by checking for droppings. Fresh rodent droppings are dark and become gray as they dry out.

Even if you never see a mouse, the droppings are reason enough to tell their presence in your home. You’ll come across the droppings under sinks, in drawers, in attics, or even around garbage bins. If you notice new droppings even after cleaning the area, you may still have an active mice infestation problem.

Strange Noises

If you’ve done your homework on the biology of mice, you may already know that they’re nocturnal by nature. In short, most of their activities take place at night. For this reason, you’ll hear strange noises in ceilings, attics, and inside walls as they move around in search of food around your home.

Of course, not every strange noise you hear at night emanates from these animals.  Either way, it’s always better to prepare yourself fully for anything that might happen. So, learn how to get rid of mice once you hear strange scratching noises at night and act quickly before the infestation gets out of hand.  After all, you’re better off preventing the problem earlier than seeking treatment solutions after the damage is done.

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